Georgian Discovery Tours



The Region of Kvemo-Kartli has one of the greatest archaeological histories in the world outside of Africa. It was here in Dmanisi that archaeologists discovered human bone fragments dated 1.7 million years- possibly the oldest known human beings in Europe and Asia. You can explore monuments and cultural treasures starting from the 1.75m year old remains in Dmanisi to the more recent 13th century Pitareti monastery. There are literally hundreds of monuments to visit.
Although a semi-desert, there is much water to be found in the Kvemo-Kartli lowlands, home to some of the biggest rivers in the area, the Mtkvari, Khrami and Algeti.
Protected Areas
The Algeti Park is a spectacular combination of rugged mountain landscape, small rivers and deep ravines.
Gardabani Protected Area
The main treasure of the reserve is the flood plain forests covered with indigenous plants and fragments of nipplewort, which are characteristic to this area.
Cultural Monuments
There’s so much history to discover in Dmanisi. An amazing number of ancient buildings still exist today, like the medieval tower and citadel with its cellars, baths, halls and jails, a well as the stunning three-church basilica, built in the 6th century. The tunnels dating back to the 12th century are definitely worth a visit. Dmanisi has a great archeological significance, as human remains dating from 1.75 million years ago were discovered here.
Birtvisi Fortress
Located on the Algeti gorge of Tetritskaro district. Birtvisi was considered an impregnable fortress. The ‘Sheupovari’ tower meaning ‘unbeatable’, is located on the highest wall of the fortress.
Khuluti Fortress
The Khuluti Fortress is an excellent example of Georgian architecture. Built in the early to mid 18th century, the palace was constructed with local stones and lies in the narrow pass of a deep river gorge.
The village of Gudarekhi dates back to the 13th century and has a lot of beautiful things like the monastery complex which is surrounded by a high wall that includes a church and a belfry constructed during the reign of Queen Rusudan
Bolnisi Sioni
The Bolnisi Sioni church is the only remaining three-nave basilica in Georgia. Famous Bolnisi Cross is located here.
Samshvilde Fortress
The historical fortress of Samshvilde is located at the junction of the Khrami and Chivchavi rivers. The fortress also included the Samshvilde Sioni Temple, which dated back to 759-777, and is now in ruins.
Pitareti Monastery
On the outskirts of Pitareti village lies the Monastery of Pitareti. One of its key treasures is the Church of the Mother God, one of the most significant examples of Georgian architecture, constructed from 1213-1222.
In the times of antiquity there was a significant settlement on the territory of Manglisi. Sioni Church dedicated to the Virgin has fragments of wall paintings dating back to the beginning of the 11th century.